Acri Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Through the loyalty of our clients and support of our management staff, Acri Community Realty is delighted to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2013-2014.

We have created this page to honor and celebrate such a significant milestone. Check out our Managers Page to see how we have grown.

To show our appreciation feel free to download our informative e-Book “Acri Top 10 Household Cleaning Secrets” We hope you find this e-Book useful and informative and that you get to know the Acri Community Realty team a little bit better!

While you are searching for some good information Check out our Acri Preferred Service Providers

Providing this list of “Acri Preferred Service Providers” to our Homeowners, Acri Commercial Realty should take the headaches and worry out of your contractor selection process. We understand how important it is for our homeowners to choose the best contractor and/or service provider for their specific project.

View our extensive list of Preferred Service Providers, think of it as your own free to use “Acri List”. And best of all some of these companies are offering discounts*. Make sure to mention you are a homeowner in an association managed by Acri Commercial Realty, Inc. when you call.

(*The Provider List is free to use and many businesses offer Acri Discounts to homeowners only. You do not have to be managed by Acri to use these vendors)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified legal opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own attorney for more information. Acri Community Realty does not claim responsibility for this information.
Acri Community RealtyAbout Acri Community Realty: Acri Community Realty, located in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, specializes in custom HOA and Condo property management solutions, scaled to fit your needs.

Acri is known for the great care and pride in the work done to protect and enhance the value of your investment. They have the privilege of managing a diverse portfolio of properties while caring for each and every home like it is their own.

If you’ve had any issues with your HOA or Condo that you’d like Acri to try and delve into, and possibly write about later contact us via our website at ⇒ Acri Community Realty. We are interested to hear about your experiences and how an association has helped or hurt.

Be sure to follow Acri Community Realty to stay updated and informed on issues involving association living.

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