Know The Rules

How Can we Improve Our Homeowner Association’s Chances of Success?

 4 Key Ways to Help Homeowner Associations Succeed Leadership: “Residents who assume positions of responsibility as officers and directors of homeowner associations will be the key to its success or the catalyst for its failure.” ~Peter M. Dunbar, Esquire, sponsor/co-sponsor of most major laws affecting homeowner associations in Florida during his decade of service in the Florida Legislature. Virtually every…

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Duties of a HOA Board President

What does an HOA or COA do when no one runs for the board?

Apathy is a big problem today and many folks simply do not want to get involved in the running of their community. In some cases, as with smaller communities, you simply do not have a large pool of volunteers. And often times, board members become disillusioned or upset and simply resign. Open board seats present many operational challenges. Basic operations…

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3 Common HOA Issues -Home is your castle

What are the 3 most common issues affecting planned communities?

Living in a planned community certainly has its pros and cons. Those who are looking for a less restrictive type of living arrangements are not prime candidates for association life. However, some people do like the economy of scale generated by the many instead of the few and do not mind to letting go of some freedoms in order to…

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The HOA Legal Issues

How the Pennsylvania Condominium Act Evolved-A Timeline with Explanations

A Common Interest Community includes certain property and facilities that all owners in the community are collectively entitled to enjoy and equally responsible to maintain. Over the years, condominiums and other Common Interest Communities grew in popularity throughout the United States. These evolving communities became governed by statute, including Pennsylvania, which enacted its Unit Property Act in 1963. Pennsylvania has three (3)…

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HOA Special Assessment Issues

How an HOA Board Should Fund Big Projects

If your community has a big project on the horizon, you will need to review how to finance it. How to Build a Well Structured and Funded Reserve Fund The most common way to fund repairs is through a well structured and funded reserve fund. Most often reserve funds act as savings accounts for the eventual replacement of items such as…

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Neighborhood Notices that google is watching

Pittsburgh Condominium Seminar for Board Members

HOA & Condominium Seminar – No charge for managers & board members September 15th, 2016 Pittsburgh Marriott North 100 Cranberry Woods Drive Cranberry Township, PA 16066 Exclusive HOA & Condominium Educational Event for Board Members and Managers 5:00pm – 5:20pm Networking 5:30pm – 7:30pm Educational Session FOOD – REFRESHMENTS – DOOR PRIZES See below for details. ============ Topic: Doing the Right…

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How Condos Govern-Acri HOA Community Realty

Acri Property Management explains the difference between Condo Ownership vs Single Family Homes

Condominium Ownership is not for all.  It is  unique and very different from owning a single family home When a person purchases a traditional single family dwelling, the individual owns the whole thing, the inside, the outside,all the land and everything that’s on the land.  When buying into a condominium community, however, the individual becomes the sole owner of only…

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Acri Community Realty

Perils of Hiring Cheap Condo Property Management Services

What’s the difference between a good, mediocre, and downright bad condominium management company? Is a less expensive per door costs always better? Sure you can save a few pennies and appear like you are saving money, but when you look closely, you may be in serious trouble. Ignorance isn’t bliss for your community — or your neighbors — when it…

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The Trimont Arheim and Neeley

Trimont Condominiums Mt. Washington Theft Alert

See what happens to HOA funds when you use an outdated accounting system.  Arnhiem and Neely was the property management company for the Trimont Condominium complex in Mt. Washington during the period of time the alleged thefts by their employee, Donna Gritzam.  We are enclosing the following report from KDKA for  further clarification on his matter. MT. WASHINGTON (KDKA)- A 73-year-old…

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Burning Money - Acri can help

Strict FHA guidelines put a real crimp condominium purchases

New FHA Guidelines- New stricter FHA guidelines put a real crimp in the number of condominium purchases. FHA mortgage insurance allows buyers to purchase condominiums with little money down, thereby enhancing demand. However, the new stricter FHA guidelines severely limit the number of condominiums that wish to qualify for FHA insurance. Moreover, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the nation’s largest…

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