Acri Financial Reporting and Audits

How to Select an Association or Condo Management Company

Community Associations select management companies for a number of reasons. Boards should understand the important distinction between property management and community association management. Property management is an essential component of community association management, but professional association management is designed to support the board with the added governance component that is an integral part of community associations. Choosing a professional association…

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Duties of a HOA Board President

So, You Want to Be an Association Board President?

The Association Board President that leads your community association fills a number of unique roles. The Role of the President Different situations will determine which role the association President assumes. Sometimes, the President must set aside other roles, such as neighbor or friend, to accomplish a task or make a decision. Community association presidents are required to fulfill many roles,…

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Acri Community Realty HOA Management Services

ACRI Specialized Homeowner Association Property Management Services

Whether your community is comprised of single-family homes or townhomes, or you’re part of a condo association (COA), your community will benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team. How You’ll Benefit From the Expertise of our Dedicated Team We start by listening carefully to Board members to understand their objectives for their community and then develop customized, strategic HOA…

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How Condos Govern-Acri HOA Community Realty

Reasonable Rules Guideline for Homeowner Associations

Homeowners associations have a number of rules and regulations that members are asked to observe so that everyone in the association can maintain their property values and quality of life. Are the homeowners association rules reasonable in your community? The association should always try to be reasonable with its rules by following standardized guidelines. Reasonable Rules and Regulations Guideline for…

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Understanding Governing Documents

Understanding Homeowner Association Governing Documents

What You Need to Know About Your Board of Directors They are part of the leadership team of a corporation. Your association is a corporation; and, although you’re not running Microsoft or Verizon, you’re still a corporate entity, responsible for running a business. Investors are the association members, and the Board is responsible for maximizing the return on investment, in…

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Acri Affordable Market Predictions

The Affordable Housing Risk Hiding In Your Home Owner Association

As a Home Owner Association (HOA) board member, your responsibilities are vast and wide. It’s probably not very often that you get an opportunity to stop for a moment, look, and see the value that your property management company is providing your community. However, right now is the perfect occasion for association board members to take a moment and ask,…

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HOA Pet Rules

How to Handle Service Animals in a Homeowners Association

Your homeowner’s association may have a strict pet policy, but you may be treading on some thin ice if a homeowner refuses to comply. Maybe it’s “no pets under any circumstance” or “no dogs over 50 pounds” or bans certain breeds of dogs or limits the total number of pets allowed in each unit. How does your HOA board navigate…

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Perfect Aci planned community living

Things you need to know about purchasing in a Homeowners Association

  So, you’ve found your perfect home and it is in a managed community. It has all the amenities you were seeking and you really like having less maintenance work.  This is the time to take a deeper look into what ownership in an HOA Property Management community may involve.  Many associations create some unique obligations to the community and…

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Acri Management Increases Value

What can Acri property management do for you?

Are you serving on a “self-managed” Homeowner’s Association OR unhappy with your “current manager”? Don’t you already have enough to do without worrying about running the HOA along with your job and family obligations. With full management from Acri Community Realty those concerns can be eliminated. Fixing problems and setting up financial plans are what a good HOA property management…

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Acri - Be happy you are not a turkey

Random Things to be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving around the corner, which in most families means gorging on pumpkin pie, falling asleep on the living room couch in a turkey induced coma, hating to clean up the kitchen alone … again or crying in the bathroom about something terrible someone said, it’s time to give thanks for the multitude of blessings in our lives. We’re pretty…

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