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ACRI Realty-Credit check Advice

Improve Your Credit Before You Apply for Your Next Loan

When considering the purchase of a new home, car, or another large investment, your first step should be to improve your credit score. Mortgage giant Freddie Mac indicates that better credit may help home buyers to secure a mortgage with a lower interest rate. It also reports that credit scores between 770 and 850 are very good and will get the best rates available. Before applying for this type of long-term, high-value loan, it’s essential to take steps in any …

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Acri Realty Building Strong

Why do I need to hire a Property Management Company?

  Hiring a professional property management company will save your association time and money, things like managing vendors and improving homeowner relationships is key but have you thought about what else a Great Association or HOA Management company can do to improve your community living experience? Choosing the right management company can make or break your Association. • Make a personal visit to the office and see if their website claims actually match the physical address. • Make sure there …

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New Associations Welcomed to Acri Community Realty

Acri Community Realty is proud to welcome the following new properties of 2015 into our ever-growing portfolio of Happy Homeowner Associations. Acri’s Homeowner Association Additions for 2015 Adams Crossing at Ambassador – Valencia Asbury II – Murrysville Berkshires CSA – South Fayette Bridgeview Townhomes – North Strabane Freedom Crossing NorthEast –  Freedom Katherine Manor – Scott Township Gala Townhomes – North Strabane Glenmoore Farms – Gibsonia Greenbriar Chase– South Park Meadows of Hampton – Hampton Township Maronda Farms – Findlay …

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Acri Financial Reporting and Audits

Perils of Hiring a Cheap HOA Management Company

What’s the difference between a good, mediocre, and downright bad homeowner association management company? Is cheaper per door costs always better? Sure you can shave off a few pennies and look like you are saving money, but in the long term you may be in serious trouble. Ignorance isn’t bliss for your community — or your neighbors — when it comes to HOA Management Companies. You need to ask some key questions before signing that contract. Don’t be wowed by …

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Smart Home Gadgets that Sell

3 Clever Smart Home Devices That Help Sell Homes

Sometimes it is the small things that encourage people to make the big leap. The sunroof in a car, the disc brakes on a bicycle, the free Netflix subscription with a TV. But what are some small items that can sell a house? With technology advancing in so many ways, the smart home is now a reality, and it’s more affordable than you might think. 3 Smart Home Gadgets to Help You Make the Big Sale 1. Top-Notch Lock Many …

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Safe Email

Safe Ways to Communicate Association Information Effectively

Sending mass emails from an email client such as: Gmail, Yahoo, MS Outlook can cause many security and deliverability issues. Often times these messages get sent to spam folders and are ignored by the very people you are trying to reach.  At Acri Community Realty we utilize a service called Mail Chimp to deliver content and additionally encourage homeowners to subscribe to messages via their Neighborhood Notices HOA Website. Acri Newsletters and general info sent through a professional mail service …

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No Diving

Establish HOA Pool Rules

If you’re on the board of your community’s homeowners association, you are likely charged with managing the community pool. You and the other board members must ensure the proper rules are in place and that routine maintenance is performed so the pool is safe and in compliance with county regulations. Here are some tips to effectively manage the community pool: Set rules Community pools can be dangerous if not used properly, so it’s important to have stringent rules in place …

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Acri Gives Back to our community

Love Thy Neighbor?

Don’t Get Caught in the Middle Boards and Managers all too often find themselves in the middle of disputes between neighbors. For whatever reason, homeowners in Associations believe The Association is responsible for everything, including homeowners who cannot get along. Many of the disputes revolve around noise or some other nuisance. A good way to handle such accusations is to require detailed logs of the neighbor’s alleged improprieties. If the “victim” balks at this, then you know the complaint is …

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What to do if You Have a Dictator for a Board President

The main problem with a dictator is that they almost always end up getting the association into a lawsuit because of their arrogance. Sometimes an owner is wrong and just doesn’t want to do what their board decided but often times the problem is really how the board chooses to operate. Unfortunately, due to a lack of volunteers, many directors take on a number of positions and become more powerful in the process. As time goes on some board members …

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Apathy - Lack of Care

Apathy – The Largest Problem HOA Boards Face

Apathy, as described by Webster’s Dictionary, means: “a lack of interest or concern.” It’s a chronic community association problem could it be that owners bought the point of sale jargon? “Enjoy worry-free living… all of your problems are taken care of… you don’t have to worry about a thing… someone else maintains the property for you…This property has professional management… Never do any yard work….” Many HOA Boards have a difficult time recruiting owners to be on The Board. In …

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