HOA vote via website

Unleash the Power of Online Voting

Associations are adopting electronic voting in order to pass resolutions easily, effectively and without mailing costs. Most associations are typically set up as non-stock corporations and many states are permitting electronic voting, Pennsylvania is one of them. Older governing documents do not specifically state or address how meetings are held only the frequency making implementation much simpler. Leverage Your Community…

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Etiquette and Manners

Homeowner Association Meeting Webinar Etiquette

We recently published an article addressing the increasing interest in Virtual Board Meetings. This article explains how to implement your next successful HOA webinar meeting. A webinar is a mash-up of the words “Web” and “Seminar,” a webinar is a short-term meeting held over the Internet. Attendees log into a specialized website at a specific time to meet virtually. Webinars…

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Are Virtual Condo or HOA Meetings in Your Future?

Are Virtual Condo or HOA Meetings in Your Future?

  Should Our HOA or Condo Board Consider Virtual Association Meetings? Both property owners’ association meetings and condominium association meetings are typically held in the community clubhouse or other local building. However, with the increasing availability of technology, virtual meetings are becoming more commonplace. Directors can electronically participate in real-time via virtual meetings. HOA board members who cannot be physically…

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Acri hoa Websites

Why You Need a Community Website

Homeowner associations (HOA) have to provide a lot of information to residents of their community. This is one of the reasons why a having a community website is a must today. Having an association website for your HOA is a great way to organize your association information, simplify and practically automate your process for disseminating your community information. Benefits of a…

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Acri Community Realty Association Websites

Acri Has HOA Websites!

Acri’s Property Management Websites Portray a Modern, Pro-active, and Vibrant Place to Live Your association can portray your community as a modern, pro-active and vibrant place to live and play with your own ACRI Community Realty HOA Website. Many homes have been sold due to active site presences illustrating HOA member involvement and Board Transparency. Here is how it works: …

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It is essential for an Association to be in control of the content generated on the web about them. An excellent true Neighborhood Notices story making this very point in point is told below. This can be you: • At a gorgeous multi-use (town home and Single family) a horrible tragedy occurred. • This association seemingly had it all, community pool, tot lot, clubhouse, walking trail, you name it and the amenity was there. • You can control your property assets but you cannot control your homeowners. • Tragedy struck swat teams were called in and a gorgeous home was riddled with bullets. • Inside the homeowner lay dead. • The home was listed by the heirs for pennies of its value. How would you like to live in that community? Before the Neighborhood Notices Association website, if you googled the HOA name guess what came up? Right you got it MURDER was the #1 search result. In came the neighborhood Notices web design team to the rescue. • We SEO’d our fingers off. And within a few weeks a magical thing happened. • The MURDER went to page #3. Hey who digs that far in search results? • So before you think “it can never happen in our lovely community” think again. • Do the words Treyvon Martin ring a bell? That is exactly why you need a community website. I can go on and on and blah about social media. BUT if you are not in charge of you social media maybe someone is saying some seriously damaging things about your community. How does that help you with your property values? So yes having an association does help engage the homeowners. • How happy are the homeowners when they are unable to sell the biggest asset? • Who wants to live in a community where tragedy struck? • Do you want an unhappy homeowner talking trash about you? • Like I say: “Good news travels slow, bad news is viral.” I think you know the answer; youNeigborhood Notices to the rescue

Why you need an Association Website?

It is essential for an Association to be in control of the content generated on the web about them. But besides having a properly designed and optimized community website there is a lot more a site can do when it comes to damage control. The following incident can can happen anywhere and does all the time: At a gorgeous Town…

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Acri Community Realty-Management Success Secrets

Tips on How to Protect HOA Community Online Reputations from Disaster

Besides having a properly designed community website there is a lot more an Association Website site can do when it comes to damage control.  An uncontrollable homeowner situation is a prime example of how things can go wrong for a community in a twitter instant. Tragedy can happen anywhere and does all the time. At an upscale Town Home and…

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Neighborhood Notices controls bad news

Why You Need a Professionally Managed Acri Commercial Realty INC. Association Website

It’s not news to hear all of the “free website” offers. Free sounds like a great deal until the site goes down or worse yet is hacked. Making the site is just the beginning. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. In this article we are going to point out those “unseen” yet critical website components…

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Neighborhood Notices that google is watching

What can a website do for your association?

How about helping the residents of your association feel like they are part of their association. Too often residents complain about not being informed about association matters. Of course board meetings occur, projects are being worked on and periodically new accomplishments can be noted in the neighborhood.     What does the resident who doesn’t hear about the board’s progress,…

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Neighborhood Notices Association Websites

Is your Neighborhood Association Website Responsive?

The Best Association Websites Utilize Responsive Design Practices. A responsively designed website is optimized to recognize and adapt to fit any device displaying it. Simply put the end-user or homeowner, is able to view your association website in it’s entirety everywhere and anywhere.  Have you ever pulled up a website on your mobile device only to be frustrated by the…

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