HOA Property Management Services – Residential Electricity Savings Program

Energy Savers Incorporated

Acri’s offering a comprehensive HOA property management service to their customers, friends, and family, with residential electricity service in Pennsylvania. Homeowners can now lock-in a fixed price for electricity through Energy Savers Incorporated’s (ESI) residential electricity savings program!

ESI and HOA Property Management Services Connect

ESI has 30+ years of extensive expertise in working with Companies like Acri Community Realty that own or manage several properties have been working with. They handle all energy matters including onboarding new properties with energy agreements, helping with budgets and consolidating consumption to provide the biggest savings. That means more savings for you!

The average residential customer is on their way of saving 30% on their energy costs.

ESI has been an industry leader for 30 years. They know which suppliers to work with that will provide you with the best long-term savings. Shopping for suppliers takes a lot of time and energy – ESI does the work for you, for free.

ESI can help provide you with tangible savings on the supply and transmission portion of your energy bills. They work with reputable suppliers and don’t honor gimmicks. You’ll be provided an ‘all-inclusive’ rate so you’ll never be surprised by any ‘hidden costs’.

When ESI pairs you with a supplier, our fee, if any, is paid to us directly by the suppliers and not to you. The only time you will ever receive an invoice from ESI is if you have negotiated a special consulting agreement.

Part of the ESI normal, free process, closely scrutinizes all of your utility bills. If they find something irregular that they feel will yield you a credit from the utility, they bring it to your attention and guide you on how to resolve the issue.

Interesting Facts

  • Choose fixed-price contracts when purchasing electricity.

A variable price electricity contract will cost you money. During months when you use the most electricity, the cost per kilowatt hour is highest. Some customers with variable price contracts pay up to twice the promised rate and over 30% more than the utility’s rate.

  • The utility does not care what supplier you choose because their job does not change.

The function of a utility company is to deliver energy to ratepayers. Most utilities will encourage ratepayers to find their own suppliers.

The HOA Property Management Service That Saves You Money

Click on the “Save Now” button below. The button will take you to the ESI website where you’ll be asked to enter your zip code to view current prices available in your area. Enter the code ACRI to get additional savings when prompted.

Save Now

Once enrolled, you will continue to receive a single bill from your Utility, but at the supplier’s discounted rate.   The entire program is designed to simplify a complicated selection process and avoid the confusion of shopping or being pressured by salespeople.


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