Random Things to be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving around the corner, which in most families means gorging on pumpkin pie, falling asleep on the living room couch in a turkey induced coma, hating to clean up the kitchen alone … again or crying in the bathroom about something terrible someone said, it’s time to give thanks for the multitude of blessings in our lives.

We’re pretty good about complaining about all of life’s mundane trials and tribulations. While most of the time we are grateful for all the usual suspects–health, family, career, let’s take some time to ponder about all of those little things in life that make your day Clint Eastwood style. You know, like a perfect hair day, or a message from a good friend just when you are thinking about them.

Read on to see random things we’re so thankful for, and feel free to share on social media!

1. Good hair days.

2. Wine.

3. Having an easy commute on Route 376 and 28.

4. Fitting into your favorite jeans.

5. The local Starbucks barista has your coffee order memorized.

6. Actually figuring out how to set up email on your cell phone.

7. Using your email on your phone for fun and not work.

8. Good books that make you sad when they end.

9. Watching cute cat videos.

10. Seeing the perfect Meme on Facebook to share.

11. Did I say Wine?

12. Actually remembering your banking password.

13. Someone convinced you to get PA EZ Pass and you breezed through an interchange.

14. Scoring the best Black Friday deal online.

15. The smell of fresh baked cookies, anywhere.

16. That incredible feeling you have right after you finish working out.

17. Staying in bed to binge watch fav TV shows in your pj’s.

18. Singing real loud in the car and not caring who looks.

19. You really have become your Mother and she was right about everything.

20. A fresh piece of juicy bubblegum.

But Most of all

Be thankful you are not a turkey


Acri - Be happy you are not a turkey

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